Agnes Golenya Purisaca is a Hungarian writer, since 2007 living also in Peru. Hence is her North-Peruvian moche name Purisaca, which was donated to her by the respected Purisaca family of the region. Before the publication of her first book “ The road of the Golden Woman” in 2008, Agnes run her own small HR consulting private company in Budapest.

As a trainer she worked in different management programs for large companies, and her philosophy as a writer reaches back to this era: I have chosen the novel as literary genre, as I don’t believe so much in mere cognitive learning. Instead I let my message filter thru the hearts of my readers, and by special “effects” make them use their right-brain as well. This is the only approach to stir up emotions that bond together determination and will, to achieve the appropriate power to make the necessary changes in their life.

She is visiting all the mystic places in Peru and other South-American countries. She personally witnessed the existence of the artificial, man-made labyrinth beneath the Andes Mountains of which Mr. Juan Moricz reported in the 1960s, and of which some respected researchers also published their books and dissertations (Graham Hancock, Stan Hall, Guillermo Aguierre). Agnes believes, that archeology will influence human sciences the same way quantum physics have changed natural sciences. Its time to open our eyes and our minds to accept the truth: humanity has a different history from what is being taught at schools. Besides history, modern people must re-admit that a human being is more that its flesh, we don’t terminate our existence by “death” , we are capable to perform “miracles” to change our life and even to experience the reality of other dimensions. To understand ancient civilizations is only the first step on this exciting and challenging way.

The first edition of the first book, The road of the Golden Woman was published in 2008 in 3.000 copies and were sold out in 4 months only, which is a great success for this small country. The second edition was published in 2009 in another 3.000 copies together with the second book, The Gold Gate in 5.000 copies and are selling very well.

The writer is regularly invited to give lectures on Peru and spiritual topics as well in many cities all over Hungary, on festivals and important events. She is also frequently invited by the media to talk about her experiences in South America. In September 2009, the Hungarian flag was pulled up in Pariacoto, Ancash, Peru, as an honour to the writer for her efforts to promote Peruvian culture and history. The first book is already translated onto Spanish and is ready for publication abroad. The second book is also being translated onto Spanish. An English translation is planned to begin later this year.

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